The Red Earth Pots’ Glazed collection starts with beautiful stoneware pots, hand made in China and Vietnam, in sizes and shapes ranging from the traditional to stylish and contemporary.

These iron-rich ceramic pots are then fired at high temperatures by craftsmen at the side of the river, producing the most luscious, vibrant glazes available on the market.

The Red Earth design team works with the craftsmen in Asia to create new looks and exciting glazed finishes. These traditional terracotta pots are guaranteed frost proof to -41oC and are backed by our 10 year replacement guarantee.

There are nearly 20 different shapes and sized pots and containers in our Glazed range.

The aptly named Mirror Glaze creates ambiance through reflection and refraction of light and colours within the planted environment; it has created new interest in the standard round, cylinder and egg pot shapes.

Styles Available

Mirror Glazed

Battersea Round
Egg Pots
Cambridge Square

Sparkle Glazed

Battersea Round
Fulham Square
Henley Square

Glazed Pick and Mix

Egg Pot
Pisa Cylinder

Glazed Planters

Cambridge Planter

Glazed Tall Pots

Battersea Round
Fulham Square

Glazed to Order

Citrus Planters (pink, orange, yellow, lime)
Poppy Round (4 colours)
Fulham Square (cream and bronze)
Boules (blue, green, black)
Large Boules **Special
Nantes Tall Planter (3 colours)
Mekong (2 colours)
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A strong look has been developed in some very tall, round and square planters which we’ve finished in a rich, high gloss imperial blue or deep red. Classic egg pots are finished in an array of clean, even colours, and the exceptional Large Boules can be finished how you like, in either imperial blue, pacific green or darkest black.

The new Sparkle Glaze collection is a carefully designed new glaze finish that catches the bright sunshine, creating a dazzling effect.

We have a number of mixed pallets available to provide an instant range to inspire your customers.

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